Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Photography Gallery

Noticed this little gallery today in Hanover street.  High quality images aimed straight at the art market.  Very good.  Apparently been there for a year. (I must get out more). Well worth a look. Very small but still manages a darkroom. Silver gelatin prints, great quality.


  1. Interesting. Silver Gelatin prints still surpass inkjets for B+W work. At least from the comparisons I've been able to see. Traditional processes not dead by any means - just a nice little niche. And in fact alternate process very healthy over here in Swiss-land and elsewhere.

    I'm thinking that painting might even make a comeback - the painting that was usurped by the pencil of nature many moons ago. Painting has never gone away of course, but the representational stuff has, in my view.

  2. Representational has never gone away either. Market might not be so big but it is still there.