Sunday, 4 May 2014

Pentland Hills

Stravaging in the Pentlands.  From Balerno over the Kips and Scald law and back via Loganlea.  This is the house at the west end of the Loganlea reservoir.


  1. Sounds like a nice walk - and convenient. You could do that on public transport even! I regret never exploring the Pentlands during all the years I spent in Edinburgh. I suppose if you keep going south west you can lose yourself in the dark Lanark Moors

  2. I have only once been fairly far west. Always the east which is more "interesting". By public transport you would have a very boring walk in and out of balerno on a road. A better version if you want to use public transport, is to walk from 9 Mile Burn back to Flotterstone or all the way back to the Ski Slope. You can always come back fro a holiday and bring your boots.