Friday, 2 May 2014

Teuchters Landing

It looked sunny enough for a drink after work down at what used to be the Waterfront in Leith. Bit in reality it is has turned a tad chilly again.


  1. Crivvens! "The Jungle" has certainly changed since my days........

    1. "The Jungle"? Pray enlighten me.

  2. Oh ye gentle folk.... In the 1970's the area was, lets say, a little bit more nervy than today. "The Jungle" was the nick-name for the King's Wark. Long before it's gastro pub days. Back then your knife skills meant something different

  3. I remember the KW being like that in the early 80's. The Waterfront fairly civilised by then I think.

  4. Yes - I'm talking about early 70's. Actually Leith wasn't so nasty really. Certainly some dodgy elements - tough, but honest would be accurate. It was the Edinburgh gangs that were the troublemakers in those days. Mental Drylaw, Gorgie Boot Boys et. al.